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Here is a version of MRTG that uses RRDTOOL as database backend. The mrtg cronjob now just updates the database (via rrdtool). The graphics are created by a CGI script as needed. This makes mrtg itself run very fast, allowing more targets. The CGI honors the "Interval:..." setting (but doesn't changes the titles).

As the graphics are created by the CGI (which runs as nobody or www-data ...) I choose to put them into /tmp as this will work for most people without change. There is no config option for this, instead it's currently hidden in the code.

If the CGI can write into the directories where the rrd-files are (e.g. if it is installed setuid [not root!]) it will put the graphics into this directory.

Version 1.0 only: If the CGI can write into the directory where the config file is it will create a "config cache" so it doesn't have to read and parse the config file each time it's called. This should make it run faster with big config files.

Run this CGI with speedyCGI or mod_perl to speed it up - especially with big config files!




There is now some sort of documentation in various formats. Please tell me what you think about it, what's missing, bugs, patches ...


Go to the soureforge download page to get the complete distribution.

The CGI itself
READMEsomething to read about 14all.cgi
14all.cgi v1.0p26 The CGI for mrtg-2.8.x
14all.cgi v1.1p25 The CGI for mrtg-2.9.x
callhelper.c Make the config file a executable script (for mrtg-2.9.x, optional hack)

The CGIs have a .txt extension instead of .cgi as this web server does not allow downloading of files with the extension ".cgi". Replace the .txt extension with .cgi when installing the CGIs.

Please don't bother Tobi about errors in 14all - they are my fault! Contact me instead