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Hints / Installation

  1. install rrdtool
  2. tell mrtg to use rrdtool instead of rateup and turn your .logs into .rrds (cf. rrdtool/contrib/log2rrd)
  3. install the cgi into your Webspace®
  4. tell the cgi where the config file is:
    1. edit the cgi and set the path to the mrtg config file or
    2. name it like the config file: mrtg.cfg -> mrtg.cgi
  5. point your web browser to it
  6. if you get a small error message instead of the graphs you can set the variable "$DEBUG" to 1. if you have the perl GD module installed you will probably see a more descriptive error message.
    This has changed in 14all 1.1p?: Set "14all*GraphErrorsToBrowser: 1" in your mrtg config file